Frequently Asked Questions

1. I would like to build a fence on my property. What is allowed?

see DRB-AGC Request Form

see TRV fencing specs

see Formulario de solicitud DRB-AGC- español

see Especificaciones de esgrima TRV

2. How many pets am I allowed to have?

Each house is allowed two pets per the declaration.

3. My neighbors dog is constantly off the leash and wandering the neighborhood unattended. What should I do?

Please email management regarding this issue and attach a picture of dog who is wandering. 

4. People are constantly driving ATV’s at high speeds thru the neighborhood. It is dangerous and I would like them to stop. What should I do?

Contact the Eagle County Sherriff’s office. 

5. The landscapers did not cut my yard. Who do I need to talk to to get them out to cut it?

Please fill out the MAINTENANCE REQUEST FORM on the homepage of the website and the landscaping contractor will be notified. 

6. I have a guest coming into visit me and they have no where to park. What should we do? Register for Guest Parking at the Community Center

Click here for Instructions

7. We would like to have a party at the community center. Who do we contact to rent the facility?

Fill our the COMMUNITY CENTER RENTAL AGREEMENT on the website homepage. 

Contact Craig Plizga, Community Manager, 970-829-1667 [email protected]

8.  How do I use the free online bill pay portal?

Click here for Online Bill Pay